A new Style Of Living

More than just
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A New Style of Living

Why you should consider StoneFloor?

Built to Last.

Not many products out there can cope with the harsh Australian climate, from the roaring summers to the frosty winters. Our Superior Thermal Stability makes StoneFloor resistant to expansion and contraction. A product designed specifically for the Australian Climate.

Built to Outperform.

With 20 years of Industry Experience and constant research and development, StoneFloor is the ULTIMATE heavy duty flooring. It has undergone extensive testing to ensure it outperforms all other flooring products out there.

Built for a Hassle-Free Lifestyle

Let StoneFloor redefine the way you live for you and your family. With the benefits StoneFloor can offer, worry less about your flooring.

The Ultimate Heavy Duty Solution

The benefits of Stonefloor

10 Reasons Why You
Should Consider StoneFloor

StoneFloor builds upon the deficiencies of traditional floor coverings and creating the Ultimate Heavy Duty Flooring allowing for a hassle-free living. Here are all the reason why you should consider using StoneFloor in your next product over traditional floor coverings such as timber floors and tiles.

Superior Thermal Stability

Able to withstand extreme levels of sunlight with minimal expansion and contraction.
The perfect product for the Australian Climate.

100% Waterproof

Accidents do happen. Say goodbye to headaches with StoneFloor. Our products are 100% Waterproof, not water-resistant like many other products out there.

Stain and Scratch Impervious

StoneFloor is all about a head-ache free lifestyle. Heavy-duty and built to last. Built to meet both residential and commercial building standards. In addition, Stone Floor undergoes special surface treatment, making it anti-skid.

Sound Absorbing

Solid 8mm Thick. StoneFloor is not just only tough, it excels in absorbing sound. Making it perfect for an apartment. Say goodbye to strata issues and complaints.

Easy to Install

StoneFloor utilises Unilin’s revolutionary and class-leading locking system that ensures you complete peace of mind. Install with ease if you want to get your hands dirty in your DIY project.

Completely Termite Proof

The word termite spells out a headache for any homeowner. These pests will completely destroy your property. StoneFLoor is all about a hassle-free lifestyle, our product is absolutely termite-proof.

Extremely Low Formaldehyde Emission

With our technologically advanced manufacturing process, StoneFloor achieves extremely low formaldehyde content, making it safe for you and your family.

Hygienic and Easy Cleaning

StoneFloor not just looks amazing, it is also very easy to clean and maintain. Enjoy that new-floor look for many years to come.

Anti Skid

Because slips and falls are some of the most common accidents, StoneFloor utilises an anti-skid surfaces to reduce the likelihood of these accidents.