StoneFloor Installation: Easy like 1,2,3

When you’ve finally found your dream floor, you’ll want it installed as quickly and with as little hassle as possible. That’s why all Stone Floor products; timber, tile and marble design, all utilise Unilin’s revolutionary and class-leading locking system for a fast and strong connection. Whether you want to get your hands dirty and do it yourself or hire a professional, the choice is completely yours! 

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Effortless installation! Install your floor whichever way you find most comfortable!

Lighting Fast! Your dream floor will be installed in no time thanks to our easy locking system. 


 No drips, no mess! With Stone Floor, no glue is needed to achive a solid floor. 

How to install Stone Floor: Step by Step

Step 1: Pre Installation

Before you start laying, make sure the floor is clean and free from any dirt or debris. The smallest piece of debris can affect the final result. 

A few tools are also needed for the installation.  They include; safety glasses, mitre saw, straight edge, chalk line, tape measure, pry-bar, saw, spacers.

Step 2: Preparing the subfloor

All sub-floors must be clean, flat (smooth) and dry prior to installation, regardless of installation method. 

Wooden subfloors: Recommend using 15mm plywood or OSB boards. Sand down high areas, fill low areas. Nail or screw down any loose areas and replace any damaged sheathing (damaged, swollen or delaminating). 

Concrete: most concrete subfloors (slabs) are not flat (smooth) and must be leveled before installation. In all cases, verify the subfloor using a 2m long straightedge to locate high and low areas, low areas should be filled with a self-leveling compound.

Do not install Stone Floor over soft, rough, non-flat or uneven surfaces.

Step 3: Laying the boards

Install one panel at a time, so that the end with the large lip is exposed to receive the next plank. Using a sacrificial cut piece with the profile that locks into the large lip end of the panel, gently tap on the sacrificial cut piece until the ends of the panels lock together and repeat for rest of row. Always stagger the end joints from row to row. 

Do NOT use too much force when tapping the panels together, as this may damage the locking profile. For final board in row, use a pry -bar to pull it tight and lock the end profiles. 

Do NOT strike directly on the locking profile to tap the panels together, as this may damage the locking profile.

Step 4: Finishing details and Maintenance

It is recommended that you sweep & vacuum the area immediately after installation to remove potential damaging grit and debris.

If you are moving and placing furniture and appliances in areas with StoneFloor, cover all feet and floor contact points with heavy self-adhesive felt pads to protect the floor. Lift heavy objects when moving (furniture or appliance) Do not roll or slide them across the floor.

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