Platinum Grey

Platinum Grey provides a natural stone marble appearance through it’s dark tones and light lines. A beautiful option for those who desire a dark elegant atmosphere within their kitchen and bathroom areas, or even throughout the entire house.

✔️ Superior Thermal Stability

✔️ Engineered using the latest German Technology

✔️ Heavy-Duty Wear Layer – Commercial Grade

✔️ Suitable for the Whole House

✔️ 5 Star Sound Absorption Rating

✔️ Safe for Children and Pets

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Superior Thermal Stability

Able to withstand extreme levels of sunlight with minimal expansion and contraction. The perfect product for the Australian Climate.

100% Waterproof

Accidents do happen. Say goodbye to headaches with Stone Floor. Our products are 100% Waterproof, not water-resistant like many other products out there.

Stain and Scratch Resistant

Stone Floor is all about a head-ache free lifestyle. Heavy-duty and built to last. Built to meet both residential and commercial building standards. In addition, Stone Floor undergoes special surface treatment, making it anti-skid.

Sound Absorbing

Solid 8mm Thick. Stone Floor is not just only tough, it excels in absorbing sound. Making it perfect for an apartment. Say goodbye to strata issues and complaints.

Easy to Install

Stone Floor utilises Unilin’s revolutionary and class-leading locking system that ensures you complete peace of mind. Install with ease if you want to get your hands dirty in your DIY project.

Completely Termite Proof

The word termite spells out a headache for any homeowner. These pests will completely destroy your property. Stone FLoor is all about a hassle-free lifestyle, our product is absolutely termite-proof.

Extremely Low Formaldehyde Emission

With our technologically advanced manufacturing process, Stone Floor achieves extremely low formaldehyde content, making it safe for you and your family.

Hygienic and Easy Cleaning

Stone Floor not just looks amazing, it is also very easy to clean and maintain. Enjoy that new-floor look for many years to come.


300 mm


900 mm


Solid 8mm

m² / Pack


Planks / Pack


Weight / Pack


Acoustic Rating

AAAC 5 Star

Installation Method

Floating, Glue Down

Residential Warranty 

30 years

Commercial Warranty

10 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

StoneFloor is a product which has been engineered for more than 6 years and undergone rigorous testing in Australia by third-party authorities to ensure its reliability, durability and credibility. Over the last 5 years, StoneFloor has been used in a multitude of properties around Australia and received widespread approval. This market-proven acclaim has consolidated StoneFloor’s proposition as the headache free flooring solution that is reliable, durable and trustworthy. 

The current version of StoneFloor is the 3rd Generation and incorporates the latest patented extra-large locking technology and has proven to be a truly unique and professional product in terms of quality and reliability.

Rest assure, StoneFloor is built to last, coming with a 30-year structural warranty for residential and a 10-year structural warranty for commercial applications.

StoneFloor has been designed to excel in the following environmental conditions and engineered with the needs of these specific demographic groups in mind:

a. Homeowners who are particularly fond of cleanliness and have young children. As StoneFloor is 100% waterproof, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Simply mop the floor with a bucket of water and detergent until it is completely clean. No more worries about mould and mildew.

b. Families who live in humid low-lying areas, coastal river banks,  high-rise units or any other humid, hot and sunny environments. StoneFloor’s 100% waterproof nature combined with its termite / ant resistance and industry-leading thermal stability makes it the perfect flooring choice for these conditions. No more colour fading, flooring expansion / contraction, crowning and cupping issues.

c. Rental Income Properties / Apartments. StoneFloor’s superior thermal stability, commercial grade wear-resistance, 100% waterproof capability, 5 Star Acoustic rating and ease of cleaning makes it a strata-approved, long-lasting and maintenance-free flooring choice for landlords and homeowners.

d. Commercial spaces such as stores, medical areas, offices, cafeterias, gyms, courts and other public places. StoneFloor’s special surface treatments ensures it is both stain and scratch resistant, anti-skid, fireproof and meets all commercial standards. Further, a certified 5 Star Sound Absorption rating ensures StoneFloor excels in high-foot traffic and sound-restricted environments. Additionally, being 100% waterproof, StoneFloor will easily facilitate commercial cleaning and washing maintenance operations.

e. Individuals who love to relax at home and walk barefoot. StoneFloor’s material compositions makes it super ‘barefoot friendly,’ being naturally warm in Winter and cool in Summer. 

Over the past few years, StoneFloor has already been used in a multitude of properties in both Regional and Coastal Australian Cities such as Canberra, Central Coast, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, and received great feedback and approval from these local homeowners.

The choice of a Solid 8mm Core comes from over 3 years of constant indoor and outdoor experimentation with StoneFloor products of varying thicknesses, ranging from 4 – 9 mm. We found that through utilising a Solid 8mm Core combined with our Unique Formula, an optimal balance in performance and functionality can be achieved for use in the harsh Australian Climate.This combined with the use of UNILIN’s Large UNILOC System provides a connection which is convenient, firm but mostly importantly durable; ensuring the quality assurance of its users are upheld.

A perfect high quality product for individuals in pursuit of durability and aesthetics.

StoneFloor provides you with the beautiful, stylish and premium look of tile and marble floors WITHOUT the Dilemmas.

Unlike the always cold surface of Tile and Marble Floors, StoneFloor’s unique material composition makes it cool in the Summer whilst providing a warm underfoot in the Winter to provide you the best experience all year around.

StoneFloor’s formula and material composition also provides it with the enhanced durability  to ensure it stays as fresh as day one for every day to come. No more worries about your beautiful floors cracking!

Further, whilst Natural Stones such as tile and marble floors contain trace amounts of radiation, StoneFloor is NOT a Natural Stone. Instead, StoneFloor is made from a choice of refined stone powder materials which DO NOT contain radioactivity. This makes StoneFloor an environmentally safe product with almost no radiation source, so rest assure and use StoneFloor with confidence

As with all product in the marketplace, drawbacks inevitably exist. However, at StoneFloor, we believe it is the weighing of the pros and cons that matters the most. The main drawbacks of StoneFloor are summarised below:

1) Cost: As StoneFloor utilises a truly solid 8mm core and a manufacturing process that involves the use of Industry Leading high-temperature and anti-aging hot melt technology, compared with other products in the market, StoneFloor will inevitably be marginally more expensive.

2) Weight: StoneFloor’s use of natural limestone powder and a solid 8mm core naturally increases its weight compared to other products.

(3) Installation Speed: Because of the patented four-sided locking system used by StoneFloor and its increased weight, compared to other similar products, installation speeds will often be 10% slower. Additionally, as this professional locking system requires greater skill and is more time-consuming, it will slightly increase installation costs. However, we believe this is fair tradeoff for the improved stability, flatness, durability and solidity provided. 

Ultimately, for individuals pursuing quality and longevity, we believe despite the increased cost and installation time of choosing a four sided locking product, it is a worthy long term investment.

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