Our Unique

Formula & Composition

Engineered Tough

The Ultimate Heavy-Duty Solution

The current generation (3rd) of StoneFloor products utilise the latest European Materials and Technology combined with a Unique Australian Formula to provide the most suitable heavy-duty product for Oceanic Climates.

Through using only the finest Limestone powder, superior dimensional stability and structural integrity is ensured to uphold the quality assurance of all users. Enhanced with a tint of our Unique Australian Formula, this provides StoneFloor with enhanced strength but most importantly superior thermal stability to improve its durability. This allows it to withstand extreme levels of sunlight as well as incur minimal expansion and contraction under unstable conditions; ideal for the harsh Australian climate.

This dynamic composition culminates in the formation of the ‘Ultimate-Heavy Duty Solution,’ and a product built specifically for the Australian Climate. Experience a new style of living with ‘less Hassle, less headaches.’