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Formula & Composition

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Designed with the Future in Mind.

As global temperatures continue to rise and extreme weather conditions become the norm, traditional products will simply begin to falter. Compared to traditional products, StoneFloor utilises the latest European Materials and Technology combined with a Unique Australian Formula to provide the Future-Proof Flooring Solution.

Through using only the finest Limestone powder, Superior Dimensional Stability and Structural Integrity is ensured to uphold the quality assurance of all users. Enhanced with a tint of our Unique Australian Formula, this provides StoneFloor with enhanced strength but most importantly Superior Thermal Stability. This allows it to withstand extreme levels of sunlight as well as incur minimal expansion and contraction under unstable conditions, ensuring it is Ready For The Future.

Material Composition

Discover what makes StoneFloor Different.

UV Coating

Improved Resistance against Scratches and Direct Sunlight. Anti-Slip, Fade-Proof and Increased protection against bacteria breeding environment formation

Commercial Grade Wear Resistance Layer

A 0.55mm Abrasion Resistant Surface with High Impact Resistance

Premium Designs

Available in a variety of Marble, Tile and Timber designs which are able to interlock seamlessly across rooms.

Professional Rated Click Locking System

Utilises Unilin’s Revolutionary and Class-Leading Large Locking System to allow for a more stable and secure connection compared to Drop Lock Click Systems.

Solid 8mm Limestone Composite Core

Our unique formula allows for enhanced strength and minimal thermal expansion and contraction under all climates.

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