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The New Generation of Flooring Excellence

StoneFloor is the product of decades of Industry Experience and building upon the Deficiencies of Traditional Timber and Hybrid Flooring. Creating a New Generation of Flooring, where ‘Australians’ won’t need to worry about their Flooring.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Flooring Issues. StoneFloor is able to combat the most common flooring issues such as Flooring Expansion, Flooring Contraction, Cupping, Crowning, Colour Fading Due to the Sun, Water Damage and Termite Damage. 

The current generation of StoneFloor is the 3rd Generation, which utilises the latest European Material and Technology combined with our Unique Australian Formula, and has proven to be a true success in terms of Quality, Functionality and Reliability.

StoneFloor is available in a range of Timber, Tile and Marble Designs. 

your headache free flooring solution

Enjoy a New Style of Living with StoneFloor!