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‘' With over 20 years of professional building material industry experience, StoneFloor is Australia’s Leading Heavy-Duty and Thermal Tolerant Flooring Solution, providing clients with a Hassle-free Lifestyle and Redefining the Way they Live ”

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StoneFloor is a product born out of past industry experience and constant innovation. New Oz BMG Pty Ltd, as a Professional Building Material Wholesaler for more than 20 years, we have first-hand witnessed the substantial changes in the industry and the shift in consumer expectations regarding flooring. In this time frame, the industry has transformed from a predominantly Hardwood Timber and Laminate Flooring market to a market oversaturated with products such as hybrid-flooring, vinyl products and an abundance of other composite flooring options. 

Yet, as global temperatures continue to rise resultant of Global Warming and extreme weather conditions continue to pervade characterised by heavy rainfalls and extreme droughts, traditional products are simply not suitable and not a long-term solution. Therefore, through considering the deficiencies of traditional floor coverings and constant research and development for more than 6 years, the first generation of StoneFloor was born and introduced to the market. However, this was not the end but instead the start of a new era of Australian Flooring.

Through rigorously testing this product for more than 5 years in Australia, we have created a Unique Australian Formula that is perfect for the both hot and cold climates, and extreme weather conditions. The current generation of StoneFloor is the 3rd Generation, which utilises the latest European Material and Technology combined with our Unique Australian Formula and has proven to be a true success in terms of quality, functionality and reliability. 

Through constant innovation and taking asset of new developments, StoneFloor serves to solve traditional floorings problems and bring about a hassle-free lifestyle, ultimately redefining the way people live.

StoneFloor- Quality You Can Trust.