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New Oz BMG Pty Ltd, the company behind StoneFloor, has been proudly serving Australians for over 20 years.

As a Professional Flooring Wholesaler, New Oz BMG holds extensive knowledge of the Australian Market and understands what Australians really want.

The Most Common Flooring Issues.

The Source of Many Australian's Headache.

As a Professional Flooring Wholesaler for over two decades, we have seen it all. Many flooring products in the marketplace today are simply not being designed with the Australian Climate in mind. If you have experienced any of the following flooring issues, you are not alone. StoneFloor, on the other hand, is built specifically for the Australian Climate - so you can say goodbye to these Flooring Issues!

Expansion and contraction

A very common phenomenon in Traditional Flooring that results in gaps between boards. Generally a result of rapid changes in temperature and humidity. A key source of other flooring problems.

Cupped Edges

A form of water damage resulting in board edges being raised higher than then centre. Often a result of high humidity, water spillage or a wet sub-floor.

Crowned Edges

The opposite of cupped edges with the centre of the board lifting higher than its edges. Often a result of water being left sitting on top of the boards. Most often seen with leaks from a refrigerator or dishwasher.

Buckling Boards

The most extreme way traditional flooring may react to moisture. Results in the board lifting up several inches and pulling away from the sub-floor. Often a result of flooding and flooring expansion.

Sun Fading

Many types of wood are photosenstive. This means when exposed to sun they fade and change colour over time. Australia's relatively high UV index puts many homes at significant risk of experiencing flooring sun fading.

Flooring You Can Trust.

Superior Performance.

With over 6 years of multi-regional commercial and residential application, StoneFloor has proven its phenomenal thermal stability compared to other products; incurring minimal expansion and contraction at all times. The current version of StoneFloor is the 3rd Generation and incorporates the latest patented extra-large locking technology and has proven to be a truly unique and professional product in terms of Quality and Reliability.

Rest assure, StoneFloor is built to last, coming with a 30-year structural warranty for residential and a 10-year structural warranty for commercial applications.

10 Years Commercial Warranty | 30 Years Residential Warranty

Headache Free Living.

The StoneFloor Difference.

Built to Last.

Not many products out there can cope with the harsh Australian climate, from the roaring summers to the frosty winters. With its unique product composition, StoneFloor exhibits Minimal Expansion and Contraction All Year Round. A product designed specifically for the Australian Climate.

Built to Outperform.

With over 20 years of Industry Experience and constant research and development, StoneFloor stands as the ultimate headache-free flooring solution. It has undergone extensive testing to ensure it outperforms all other flooring products out there.

Built for a Headache-Free Lifestyle.

Let StoneFloor redefine the way you live for you and your family. With StoneFloor, simply worry less about your floor and experience a new style of living

Trusted by Australians.

Explore why Australians Love StoneFloor.

Over the past years, StoneFloor has been used in a multitude of commercial and residential projects around Australia, receiving Market Proven Acclaim and Trust from both everyday customers to industry professionals. With 100+ Distributors, this widespread approval has proven StoneFloor to be the most Stable, Durable and Trustworthy Australian Flooring Solution for all kinds of Environmental Conditions.

10 Reasons Why You
Should Consider StoneFloor.

The Smart Flooring Choice.

StoneFloor builds upon the deficiencies of traditional floor coverings and is designed with the future in mind. Here are all the key reasons why you should consider using StoneFloor in your next project over traditional floor coverings such as timber floors and tiles.

Superior Thermal Stability

Compared to traditional products, StoneFloor utilises a Limestone Composite Core. This makes it able to withstand extreme levels of direct sunlight and experience minimal expansion and contraction under ALL temperature and humidity conditions. The perfect product for the Australians.

100% Waterproof

Accidents do happen. Say goodbye to headaches with StoneFloor. Our products are 100% Waterproof, not water-resistant like many other products out there. Even if you soak StoneFloor for many days, the structural rigidity of the product won't be compromised!

Stain and Scratch Impervious

Our special surface treatment ensures StoneFloor is extremely Stain and Scratch Resistant meeting Commercial Standards – AC4 Grade. StoneFloor is also coated with an UV Coating, making it fade-proof. Ensuring Beauty on the floor for years to come.

Anti Skid

StoneFloor's unique surface finish makes it anti-skid; safe for the whole family in any occasions. Our unique material composition also makes it possible to go barefoot ALL year round. Our natural warm underfoot is exactly what you need.

Environmentally Friendly

By using only the finest and environmentally friendly Limestone Powder, StoneFloors achieves superior quality in products without compromising the natural environment around us.

Hygienic and Easy Cleaning

As a heavy duty product, StoneFloor is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Simple wipe down any mess and dust particles with JUST a wet mop. Enjoy the new look for many years to come

Extremely Low Formaldehyde Emission

Whilst formaldehyde occurs naturally, high levels can be harmful to humans. Manufactured from a choice of refined Limestone Powder under a strict high heat compression process, StoneFloor contains near zero formaldehyde emission. Perfectly safe for you and your family.

Sound Absorbing and Quiet Underfoot

StoneFloor has a certified 5 Star Sound Absorption Rating, making it perfect for any residential or commercial project. Combined with our 1.5mm EVA High Density Underlay, impact and reflection sounds will be significantly reduced. Ideal for any Apartment Projects. No more strata issues.

Completely Termite Proof

The word termite spells out a headache for any homeowner. These pests will completely destroy your property. Don't worry, StoneFloor is absolutely termite-proof.

Four-Sided Locking Technology

StoneFloor utilises Unilin’s revolutionary and class-leading locking system to ensure you complete peace of mind. Compared to traditional drop-lock style board, this provides a more robust and stable end joint.

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