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Why StoneFloor?

Now, Let's first explore Traditional Floor Coverings

Nowadays there are thousands of different floor coverings out there, making it extra confusing for everyday consumers to choose the right one for them. To simplify everyones decision-making process, our team has spent hours researching the market to create a quick 5 min flooring coverings summary – all you need to know about the different floor coverings.

Let’s begin by first going through the main different types of floor coverings available on the market:

Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber flooring, also known as “hardwood” flooring has been used in Australian homes for generations. Alike engineered timber flooring, solid timber floor is made from the real ‘timber’ of trees. They embody a beautiful natural grain and exude the natural warm of timber. Given their natural composition, they are usually the most expensive flooring type, require refinishing every few years and require a complicated installation process. 

Laminate Flooring

As the name implies, Laminate flooring combines a fine-printed photograph with layers of wood composite materials through a lamination process. It is able to mimic the look of real timber flooring, oak timber, bamboo flooring and essentially any colour or style. The possibilities are endless with laminate. Whilst laminate may lack the natural essence of real ‘wood’, it is becoming increasing popular primarily to its affordability, superior durability and water resistance. 

Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring as the name implies, incorporates the attributes and characteristics of two different materials (vinyl and laminate floors) to create an improved floating floor. Hybrid floors are made of multiple layers of materials pressed together and are avaliable in a wide range of designs and styles. The top layer is a UV coated wear & tear layer, the second layer is a decorative print with the desired design, and the centre is a composite core board that is waterproof and stable. Most hybrid floors come pre-attached with an acoustic backing to increase foot comfort and improve acoustic performance. However, this significantly reduces installation flexibility and increases the chance of mould formation and unpleasant odour production from moisture and soaking.

On the marketplace, there are two main types of hybrid floors which can be differentiated by the composition of their core layer:

  • Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) – the core of the floorboards are made of stone (natural limestone), polyvinyl chloride and stabilisers. Compared to WPC floors, SPC floors tend to be thinner, denser and slightly more affordable.
  • Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) – the core of the floorboards are made of recycled wood and plastic. Compared to SPC floors, WPC hybrid floors tend to be thicker, slightly more comfortable underfoot, and slightly pricier.

Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is a type of layered “timber floor” with an upper layer of hardwood timber with several pieces of plywood. Its upper layer of hardwood timber is pre-finished and bonded to the subsequent plywood layers. Engineered floors combine the benefits of real timber floors with the versatility of a floating floorboard design – making it suitable to be installed in apartments. Given its plywood core, compared to solid flooring, engineered flooring has greater expansion and contraction stability/capacity, making them less susceptible to moisture and heat issues.

How do they compare to StoneFloor?

StoneFloor builds upon the fundamentals of Hybrid Flooring however utilises a unique material composition to ensure its superior and exceptional performance under the Australian Climate.

Now, let's compare the most common flooring coverings used in the marketplace today to StoneFloor and see how each performs. We have compared these product based on what we believe are the key things consumers should be look out for when choosing their flooring for their next project.

Laminate Flooring Hybrid Flooring StoneFloor Marble / Tiles
Thickness 6-14 mm 6.5 - 8.5 mm (Including Underlay) Solid 8 mm (Excuding Underlay) 8-12 mm
Locking System Strength Medium Medium High (Patented 4-Side Locking System) N/A
Installation Method Floating Floating Floating or Glue Down Glue Down
Apartment Suitability Yes Yes Yes Sometimes
Commercial Use Sometimes Sometimes Yes Sometimes
100% Waterproof No Waterproof Surface only Yes Some
Scratch & Stain Resistence High High High - AC4 Commercial Grade High- However can crack
Thermal Expansion & Contaction High Medium Minimal (Near Zero) N/A
Maintenance & Cleaning Damp Mop Damp or Wet Mop Damp or Wet Mop Damp or Wet Mop
Slip Resistance Yes Yes Yes May be Slippery
Formaldehyde Emission Low- Medium Low- Medium No Disclosed Formaldehyde (E0) N/A
Sound Absorption High (With Underlay) High (With Underlay) High - 5 Star AAAC Rating Medium
Underfoot Feel Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter Cool in Summer, Freezing in Winter

So What Flooring Should You Choose?

To put it simply, traditional products are great, but not a long-term solution for Australians. This is primarily due to the fact that Australia experiences a wide range of extreme weather conditions ranging from roaring summers to frosty weathers. In fact, with global temperatures continuing to rise, heavy rainfalls and extreme droughts will begin to become the norm.

This inevitably will cause alot of issues for traditional products. Over the past years, expansion and contraction and moisture issues have been the most common source of consumer complaints. We expect this to only worsen.

StoneFloor has been engineered and extensively tested with the customer in mind. Our Vision is to provide Australians with a long-lasting and headache-free flooring solution.

Class Leading Hybrid Technology.

Why choose StoneFloor for your next project?

Built to Last.

Not many products out there can cope with the harsh Australian climate, from the roaring summers to the frosty winters. With its unique product composition, StoneFloor exhibits minimal expansion and contraction all year round. A product designed specifically for the Australian Climate.

Built to Outperform.

With over 20 years of Industry Experience and constant research and development, StoneFloor stands as the ultimate headache-free flooring solution. Extensive lab and field testing have been conducted to ensure it outperforms its market counterparts.

Built for a Headache-Free Lifestyle.

Let StoneFloor redefine the way you live for you and your family. With StoneFloor, simply worry less about your floor and experience a new style of living

Trusted by Australians.

Explore why Australians love StoneFloor.

Over the past years, StoneFloor has been used in a multitude of commercial and residential projects around Australia, receiving Market Proven Acclaim and Trust from both everyday customers to industry professionals. With 100+ Distributors, this widespread approval has proven StoneFloor to be the most stable, durable and trustworthy Australian flooring solution for all kinds of environmental conditions.

There is always a Design for You.

We offer a vast variety of design ranging from Marble, Timber to Tile Looks. Find one that suits your personality, matches with your furniture, and meets you desired look and project needs.

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