Bespoke Designs Tailored Approach Meeting Client Demands Versatility

As a professional building material supplier, at StoneFloor we understand the importance of products which satisfy client demands, fulfil their quality assurance and are ultimately reliable.

In ensuring longevity and structural integrity, StoneFloor is formulated from the finest compressed Limestone Powder; allowing it to excel in harsh climates such as Australia’s. Whether it be roaring Summers or frosty Winters, StoneFloor’s superior thermal stability provides minimal expansion / contraction; making it ideal for Australian Projects.

Our collection ranges from conventional Australian Timber flooring designs to timeless Tile designs to premium Marble designs; to ensure every project find its StoneFloor counterpart. For architects and designers looking to create an unique one-off experience for their clients, Bespoke designs are also available.

To further ensure reliability, StoneFloor utilises UNILIN’s trusty locking mechanism which is both sturdy and secure. This however, also allows StoneFloor products to interlock seamlessly, making it a highly versatile product which can fit and be used anywhere in the household. As an example, a premium marble design can be used in the kitchen and dining area which can then flow seamlessly into your cosy Timber design living room.

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